Dos and Dont’s for the Oktoberfest – What to know before you get there

Angermaier Dirndl

In Munich, when you say it is that time of the year again, everyone knows what you’re talking about. So I’ve written this article to let you know what is acceptable to wear and what isn’t. Believe me, there are some unspoken rules.

The Dirndl – Any colour for your dirndl is absolutely acceptable as long as it’s not a neon bright colour that grabs everyone’s attention. Second, make sure your dirndl is never shorter than your knee. The length is usually up until your knees but can also be found until your shoes if you like. Make sure your dirndl is very tight around your waist for a flattering traditional look.

The Blouse – as long as it is white there you’re able to choose freely whether you prefer short or long sleeves.

The shoes – Most women wear ballerinas at the Oktoberfest (since the ground isn’t made of asphalt), however, if you feel comfortable with any type of heels, give it a go! Another no go are sneakers although they are the most comfortable to wear (I admit I sometimes wear them too.)

Bag – a small bag such as a clutch will suffice. Rucksacks are banned on the premises.

Last but not least, the bow on your dirndl. If you put it on the right, it means you’re in a relationship. On the left, you are single. At the back means widowed.

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