Sneak Peek at the Cinema

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Source: Cinestar Frankfurt

For the movie-goers who are bored by the predictive blockbusters and the endless sequels, the sneak peek is the perfect cinema evening. Why? You just go to the cinema without a clue which film you’re bound to watch, whether it’s a horror flick, a comedy, drama, biography or something else. So if you´re going to the cinema with a group there´s no need to ask everyone´s genre preferences or worry about critic reviews. No need to look up if the film you’re just about to watch has good ratings, if you even like that genre, enjoy the actors performances or is generally appealing to you, since you don’t even find out until the film starts rolling. Sure, you can get up and leave if you absolutely despise a particular actor’s face and cannot stand what you´re watching at all. However part of the ride is watching a random movie that can range from mediocre to brilliant.

Sneak peaks are usually on Mondays and they are very likely to display a film that is just a week from being released at the box office. So if you really want to know what you’re going to watch, simply look up the release dates of the upcoming movies and you have fairly good chance of guessing it right.

Luckily for me, we watched IT (written by Stephen King) on Monday as I was hoping for. As soon as the red balloon came on screen, the entire audience gasped in excitement (and possible horror too). Compared to other weeks, this time a larger amount of people left the cinema, probably because horror films are the least welcome at the sneak peek.

I made sure to read the book beforehand so I knew the entire story (also because sometimes plotlines are smoothed over and the general argument can be lost in a one thousand page long book). And without a doubt, it was the best horror film I had seen in a while. Not just because it was a book adaptation and hence the story is more or less saved, but the characters were very well acted out and stayed true to their book personalities, and the audience saw just the right amount of scares. The director made sure to not exploit the availability of CGI, as enough was applied to the gore of dead creatures looming around and giving the audience the creeps, but at the same time making them look realistic. Unlike most films with a sequel, the ending scene is quite serene and doesn’t show a short preview for the sequel.

To conclude, if you want some extra excitement for the evening, don’t hesitate in going there. If you think this will be a waste of money, sneak peeks are the cheapest tickets at the cinema and definitely worth the five euros.

In Frankfurt you can go to the sneak peek at Cinestar (Eschenheimer Tor). In Munich you can go the the Mathäser cinema (at Karlsplatz). Most large cinemas nowadays have “sneak peeks” or” sneak previews”. Some even have a separate time for the original versions of the movie as well German dubbed ones.

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