Film adaptations of some of my favourite thrillers

Summer and the time of acting like a couch potato is finally over. At least September in Germany pretty much feels like it. However, this isn’t a reason to stop talking about those good thrillers to read on a day at the beach. Since I’m no longer right next to the sea, and the leaves have started to turn, I decided to make a list of novels I have read in the past. This is a compilation of my favourite thriller novels which have been successfully adapted to the big screen and are oh so definitely worth reading AND watching.

The Ghost (The ghostwriter) – Robert Harris

A ghostwriter is hired to write a memoir of the former British prime minister after his predecessor dies under mysterious circumstances. The new writer decides to look into the sources and works of his predecessor, slowly uncovering up pieces of information that put his life in danger.  Meanwhile, the CIA and the British press are pressing into uncovering the truth about the prime minister supposedly approving the interrogation and torture of a few people at Guantanamo Bay. The ghostwriter struggles to continue writing a memoir for a former British prime minister who is furious about the public controversy.

The film is directed by Roman Polanski and introduces Ewan Macgregor as the Ghost and Pierce Brosnan as the former prime minister. Throughout the film, there are always very eerie moments in which the audience believes the main character is constantly pursued by an unseen entity.

Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

Nick and Amy are initially a very successful couple living in New York, with Nick being a journalist in a newspaper and Amy the writer of a children’s bestseller. Their marriage slowly disintegrates with their loss of their jobs and Nick’s mother falling ill, which forces them to give up their very comfortable life, despite putting a fake façade and hiding their troubles. Out of nowhere, Amy disappears and Nick tries to figure out if he truly loves his wife anymore. The book is narrated in journal entries during different time periods in their lives, giving a very detail explanation of the mistakes of both characters.

Amy and Nick are played by Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck. The exceptional acting of shocking scenes leaves the audience trying to pick a side in this dark story.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson

This Swedish novel takes place in Stockholm. Michael Blomkvist is a journalist struggling to uphold the reputation of his magazine after publishing false information while trying to uncover a story of corruption. Lisbeth Salander is a computer hacker with a very murky childhood and legal problems enforced by a supposedly legal guardian who eventually rapes her. Salander and Blomkvist are hired by Henrik Vagner in order to uncover the disappearance and murder of Vagners niece.

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