Parks to visit in Munich

The falling leaves turn sunsets melancholic and romantic at the same time. The days grow shorter and winter is coming with every step. Nevertheless, autumn is still a wonderful season to go for a walk in the park. So for everyone who enjoys and afteroon stroll or jog in the park, whether alone, with a dog or a group of friends, here is a guide to the parks worth visiting in Munich.


This park is where the Olympic games in 1972 where held. There are tons of events, since it next to the concert stadium, the olympic swimming pool (for all swimmers, this is the best swimming pool in Munich) and tons of other attractions (the television tower). Head towards the tallest hill for the most breathtaking views of the city during sunset. You will also find the curious architecture of the sports and recreation center. The acryllic glass is there to imitate the Alps.

Olympiapark in the evening

Englischer Garten

This park is the most popular one due to its perfect location in the heart of the city. Students head here after class for a beer in the sun and surfers head to the famour wave called the “Eisbachwelle”. Yes, you read this right, we have a surfwave thousands of kilometers away from the beach! Surfers are there all year long (in the winter they wear thicker westsuits to protect themselves from the freeezing water. The Chinesischer Turm (chinese tower) is one of the biggest beer gardens in the park. Everyone comes here for a picknick in the summer, but in autumn it is still very well visited by joggers and people going for a walk.

Fun fact, the Englischer Garten stretches to 3.7km2, making it even bigger than Central Park. The water is even for the summer very cold and the current very strong, so watch out for the current.

esnglischer garten
Englischer Garten


The Isar/Thalkirchen Area

This path is further away from the city and you will notice more bikers and people out with their dogs. The area of Thalkirchen is usually full of people barbecuing in the summer and kids, with the zoo nearby. Further south you will find the Isar Trails, where hobby mountain bikers go on to jump trails next to the river. You can also go for long jogs or simply a walk with your dog. Since this is a bit further away from the city centre, you can easily find peace and quiet sitting next to the river bank.


Schlosspark Nymphenburg

The palace name translates to castles of the nymphs. With 180 hectars it is ideal for a sunday stroll for families with kids and romantic dates for couples. This park was built in the eighteenth century in French style and the palace in Baroque style of the era. Of course you can go for a jog too.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-24 at 23.03.20
Schlosspark Nymphenburg


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