Winter Activities in Frankfurt

While spring is slowly coming up, winter isn’t quite over yet, this we noticed over the ice-cold temperatures of 0°C at the beginning of March. And yet the weather seems to be indecisive on if it should be sunny or dreary. While we are still waiting for the cold months to end, here are some tips on what to do in and around Frankfurt on winter weekends.

  1. Sledging in the Taunus

This is a fun activity to do with kids during the weekend; head out with the car to the top of the Taunus and there will almost always be snow. Sledges are relatively cheap and the traditional ones are made of wood. So get on the sledge and enjoy the ride in the snow!

  1. Ice-skating in the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt

Frankfurt actually has its on ice hockey team called Löwen Frankfurt and they play at the stadium just outside of Bornheim. So if you’re interested in a match check the season for any exciting games. For those who like ice-skating, you can do it at the stadium and borrow a pair of ice-skates if you don’t have any.  Prices are between €3,50 and €4,50.

  1. Museum hopping on a rainy day

I would probably say the Städel museum is the most significant in Frankfurt, with art collections from the 19th century that are worth seeing. The Kindermuseum (the museum for kids) is just outside of Hauptwache and very easy to get there.  Other museums have kids’ areas where they can play around or interesting talks with guides such as the Communications Museum or the Senckenberg Museum (which is the natural history museum).

  1. Brunching on a lazy Sunday

The Australian Bar always offers Australian brunch on Saturdays and buffet brunch on Sundays. Note that it gets quite full between 10 and 12 and I would advise you to go past 12. The Siesmayer Cafe (Palmengarten) offers breakfast during the weekends. I would personally recommend the Sacher cake (my favourite) with their own peppermint tea. Their prices are higher than other cafes.

  1. Bowling

Grab a bunch of your friends and head out to go bowling! This is definitely a fun thing to do and an alternative to night outs in the city. You can go to the Bowling World and reserve your own track there.