Long Night of the Museums in Frankfurt

The general consensus among all the Frankfurter is that we have automatically jumped from winter to summer in a time frame of about 3 weeks. It is an average of 25 degrees Celsius outside and fellow citizens are walking around in shorts as if it were August. Note that this pretty much never happens in Germany as spring is usually a relatively cold season. But this good weather has come so soon and is simply a bit overwhelming since it’s hard to remember when the last time those shorts were not stuffed at the back of the closet. So what do we do with good weather? Not to worry, this blog is always ready to give you a bit of advice on the latest news.

Well, let’s hope that this weather lasts the whole summer! If you have yet to figure out a fun activity soon, the long night of the museums is coming up. This event on Saturday the 5th of May is opened for everyone interested in staying out past midnight in a museum in Frankfurt. From the hours of 7  pm to 2am, a total of 35 museums are open to the public. There are also shuttle busses included which take you on different routes from Offenbach.

The best way to enjoy the night is to walk from one end from the Ufer (for example the Staedel museum) to the other, and end up in the museum of Frankfurt. Most museums have live music, with jazz bands or choirs.

Jazz Keller Historisches Museum Frankfurt

Staedel por la nocheSchoko Brezel