For Romantics: The Roses and Lights Festival at Palmengarten in Frankfurt

This week, the Palmengarten opens its doors throughout the entire weekend from the 9th of June to the 10th in order to celebrate the festival of roses and lights. The entire weekend is an exhibition on roses which the garden proudly presents, along with the very popular party on Saturday evening. Here, couples, families and friends meet at the Palmengarten to have a fun time and enjoy the night. Drink and food stands are everywhere and live-music of all kinds surrounds you as you sit with your friends on a picnic blanket and have a laugh while you drink some beer or Hugo’s (very popular drink with champagne).  The palmengarten has its doors opened all day so make sure to see the roses during the afternoon and find a spot on the grass with good views to the lake (where the fireworks later take place). Everyone is welcomed to bring their own candles to form figures on the grass (although do make sure nothing burns down!).

The highlight of the evening is essentially the fireworks at the end of the night, where everyone sits and enjoys the spectacle!

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