The “Grüngürtel” Bike Trip around Frankfurt

The “FahrRad! Im GrünGürtel” is one of my favourite bike trips across Frankfurt. Cycling as an outdoor activity very much beats other sports since it is a means of transportation and a way to exercise. If you regularly exercise on a bike and are up to riding 65-70 km in one day then this is the perfect field trip to take.

The word “grüngürtel” translates to green belt and stands for the green environment surrounding Frankfurt. This is a route that you can take with your bike all around the city and is a great way to explore the lesser known places where it is quieter.

The map with all the locations

Every year there is a so-called GrünGürtel event in which several stands are placed all around the bike route for cyclists and families to go around the entire city stamping on a card the entire stands they have passed, collecting up to 18 stamps and cycling roughly 65 to 70 km in a day. This event was organized with the purpose of getting more people to ride their bikes and head towards the outdoors on a hot Sunday. This year it’s on the 17th of June, so make sure to have your bike ready for then.

If you want to head out with kids it is certainly a lot of fun for them, but completing 65km in one day is exhausting, so pick out which places around the GrünGürtel passage they would most likely enjoy (like the old airport “Alter Flugplatz”).

The locations on the Grüngürtel map

I have completed this route in a group before and managed to get just in time to the last stand before they closed. So despite cycling fast, we managed to get lost twice (which is quite easy) and had to take breaks due to heavy rain at one point during the field trip. So to anyone who wants to complete the entire circuit, make sure to be at the first stand at 10 am sharp in order to make time in case you get lost or have to take longer breaks. Nevertheless, this event is full of fun and a great activity to do with friends, family or on your own. You can also make it your personal challenge to ride a bike for so many kilometres 😉

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Top pics: A well deserved meal of Schnitzel with Grüne Soße and 66km completed

Bottom: The now burned down Goethe Turm (sobbing) and crossing the Main