One weekend in Madrid

If you are going to Madrid for 2 to 3 days, I’ve figured out a way to cram all the sightseeing activities into a single weekend without getting stressed out. The capital of Spain is rich in culture, fashion, history and cuisine. In order to experience all of this, I  Hae created a sort of itinerary for everyone to easily follow. Madrid is an ideal city to visit with friends, as a couple, or a family, since there are all types of activities offered in the city.

Of course, it is tons of fun to go shopping with your friends, and enjoy fruity cocktails at midnight (which is really when everyone starts to go out during the summer). However, the capital has one of the most noteworthy museums in the entire world worth visiting (El Prado).

The Madrid public transport offers an app called “Metro de Madrid”. This app has a standard map of all train station in the city, and also a tourist map for download. This map can guide you to all the places worth sightseeing by train.

First day in Madrid:

Start off at the train station Opera (the state opera is there, duh) and cross the Plaza de Ote to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid. Notice that some of the statues are on the plaza and some on top of the palace. Start walkig towards the Mercado de San Miguel for coffee and baked goods.

Head up towards Plaza Mayor to see the red facade of the plaza. From there on, it is 5 min until ou get to Sol, the plaza in the heart of Spain, where it points to kilometer zero. You can walk up to Gran Via and then back down towards the old town hall and the Bank of Spain, where you can have lunch at the Taberna de la Daniela, where you can decide to have either tapas or a menu for lunch.

Finish the day by heading towards the Retiro, one of the oldest parks in Madrid, where the Real Observatory of Madrid is. The gardens El Retiro are an ideal place to walk around during a pleasant afternoon. Many residents living in the area use the park for sports activities such as running or inline skating. It is especially enjoyable and romantic to get on the boats with friends or a significant other in the lake, with amazing views.

Second day in Madrid:

There are a wide variety of exceptional museums in the capital, most of them on arts and history, so my best recommendations are to visit the Museo del Prado, where you will find a great deal of paintings, including las Meninas. Other noteworthy exhibitions are Thyssen and Bornemisza.

Shopping, drinking and eating:

The best quarters for boutique shopping are La Latina and Malasaña. Luxury shopping is mostly found in the area of Recoletos.

If you are looking for astonishing landscape veiws of the city or simply want a colourful pic for your insta, head toward the Circulo de Bellas Artes, where they have a bar on the top floor of the theatre. Exceptional cuisine is in one of the best restaurants, Prada a Tope, where you will find high quality cuisine with traditional dishes.

Enjoy your trip!